We support every needy, exploited, deprived element to reach its full potential

What We Do


Generate The Employment

To organize employment fairs for unemployed and needy persons, to conduct trainings for self-employment generation, to provide capital assistance to the unemployed for business, to create employment by using government schemes and disseminating information. To promote and assist in the creation of agro-based and environmentally friendly industries.


Educational support

‘Beliefs’ organize various educational competitions. We are Providing educational assistance to budding students. We are facilitate or set up or help schools, hostels, residential schools, ashram schools, secondary schools, junior and higher colleges for different levels of society and for different classes and different types of students.


Women empowerment

‘Beliefs’ organazetion organize women’s gatherings for the purpose of enlightenment on various subjects. In women’s support programs of Beliefs orgnazetion help for formetion self-help groups. ‘Beliefs’ organazetion help to womens for business with training and capital. ‘Beliefs’ organazetion organizing women and setting up small scale industries.


Helping Agriculture

‘Beliefs’ organization make efforts to increase the productivity of agriculture. To encourage, help and try to supply water to agriculture through farms and other means. We make efforts for this through hard work and financial assistance and to implement programs and To help and make efforts to provide information on new and beneficial technologies to the farmers, to create awareness about them and to provide such technologies. We are help farmers to formation of  farmer producer companies and farmer groups. Provide training, technical assistance, and capital for argo based industries to unemployed young farmers. To organize farmers’ fairs.


Caring Environment

‘Beliefs’ organization create gardens and implement tree planting programs to maintain environmental balance. Implement watershed development programs such as water retention, water retention for water and soil conservation. To educate the people for sustainable biodiversity and to make efforts through public participation.


Health Awareness

‘Beliefs’ organize the health camps. We trying to provide free and affordable health care facilities to the people. we are strive for health awareness. We are run activities and centers for malnutrition. We Emergency assistance in the event of a specific disease